Tomorrow, I'll Still Love You - Netflix

Bor and Kaew are about to marry, but tragedy strikes. Bor's older sister Putt, murders Kaew's sister Khing, because she believes her husband is having an affair with her sister. After the killing, Kaew is forced to break up with Bor, but what will happen to them as fate seems to bring them always together?

Tomorrow, I'll Still Love You - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Thai

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2009-11-02

Tomorrow, I'll Still Love You - The Shirelles - Netflix

The Shirelles were an American girl group notable for their rhythm and blues, doo-wop and soul music and gaining popularity in the early 1960s. They consisted of schoolmates Shirley Owens (later Shirley Alston Reeves), Doris Coley (later Doris Kenner-Jackson), Addie “Micki” Harris (later Addie Harris McFadden), and Beverly Lee and were the first all female group to have Number 1 hit record with “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”.

Tomorrow, I'll Still Love You - Current versions of the group - Netflix

Today, the original members tour in different, separate, groups, although the trademark to the Shirelles name was eventually acquired by Lee. Shirley Owens performed on the Doo Wop 51 PBS special in 2000, and continues to tour under the name 'Shirley Alston Reeves and her Shirelles'. Lee currently tours with new members, billed as “The Shirelles”. Doris Coley died in Sacramento, California, on February 4, 2000, of breast cancer. Adde “Micki” Harris died on June 10, 1982 of a heart attack.

Tomorrow, I'll Still Love You - References - Netflix

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