The Loop - Netflix

The Loop is the number one music TV show in Australia – serving up a mix of the latest music and live performances every Saturday morning. Hosted by Scott Tweedie and Olivia Phyland, The Loop is your weekly fix of the tunes you need to hear – it's the soundtrack to your weekend!

The Loop - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 150 minutes

Premier: 2012-01-28

The Loop - Control flow - Netflix

In computer science, control flow (or flow of control) is the order in which individual statements, instructions or function calls of an imperative program are executed or evaluated. The emphasis on explicit control flow distinguishes an imperative programming language from a declarative programming language. Within an imperative programming language, a control flow statement is a statement the execution of which results in a choice being made as to which of two or more paths to follow. For non-strict functional languages, functions and language constructs exist to achieve the same result, but they are usually not termed control flow statements. A set of statements is in turn generally structured as a block, which in addition to grouping, also defines a lexical scope. Interrupts and signals are low-level mechanisms that can alter the flow of control in a way similar to a subroutine, but usually occur as a response to some external stimulus or event (that can occur asynchronously), rather than execution of an in-line control flow statement. At the level of machine language or assembly language, control flow instructions usually work by altering the program counter. For some central processing units (CPUs), the only control flow instructions available are conditional or unconditional branch instructions, also termed jumps.

The Loop - Subroutines - Netflix

The terminology for subroutines varies; they may alternatively be known as routines, procedures, functions (especially if they return results) or methods (especially if they belong to classes or type classes). In the 1950s, computer memories were very small by current standards so subroutines were used mainly to reduce program size. A piece of code was written once and then used many times from various other places in a program. Today, subroutines are more often used to help make a program that is more structured, e.g., by isolating some algorithm or hiding some data access method. If many programmers are working on one program, subroutines are one kind of modularity that can help divide the work.

The Loop - References - Netflix

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