Point of Honor - Netflix

At the start of the Civil War, a prominent Virginia family makes the controversial decision to defend the South while freeing all of their slaves, pitting the family against one another and testing their strength, courage and love.

Point of Honor - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-01-15

Point of Honor - Court of Honor - Netflix

A court of honor (or court of honour) is an official event constituted to determine various questions of social protocol, breaches of etiquette, and other allegations of breaches of honor, or entitlement to various honors. In English the term is also an architectural term (see Cour d'Honneur).

Point of Honor - Court of chivalry - Netflix

The court of chivalry was at one time also known as a “court of honour”. In British law, the court of chivalry was a court held before the Earl Marshal and the Lord High Constable; since the abolition of the office of the Lord High Constable, it has been conducted by the Earl Marshal alone. It was established by a statute 13 Ric. II c.2. This court had jurisdiction to try cases concerning contracts and other matters concerning deeds and acts of war. The court of chivalry also has jurisdiction over disputes regarding heraldry and rights to use coats of arms. The court of chivalry is not a court of record, and as such has no power to enforce its decisions by fine or imprisonment; as such it became relatively disused. It is not obsolete, however, and cases have been brought before the court of chivalry as recently as 1954.

Point of Honor - References - Netflix

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