NA Worlds 2016 - Netflix

Coverage of the 2016 World Pipe Band Championships from Glasgow.

Type: Variety

Languages: Scottish Gaelic

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-10-29

NA Worlds 2016 - Jang Na-ra - Netflix

Jang Na-ra (Hangul: 장나라; born March 18, 1981) is a South Korean musician, record producer and actress active in both the South Korean and Chinese entertainment industries since 2001. She rose to prominence with her hit studio album Sweet Dream in 2002, and since then has starred in well-received television series Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002), My Love Patzzi (2002), Wedding (2005), My Bratty Princess (2005) and Confession Couple (2017).

NA Worlds 2016 - Awards and nominations - Netflix

NA Worlds 2016 - References - Netflix

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