Mimi - Netflix

Webtoon writer Min Woo suffers from partial memory loss, but starts to write a new webtoon titled December 8 when he finds a memo on his desk calendar. Though webtoons are becoming more popular and his new webtoon is an instant hit, Min Woo start to suffer from severe headaches due to all pressure from work. Next to that he strives to recover a long lost memory from when he was 18 years old to find his first love Mimi.

Mimi - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 70 minutes

Premier: 2014-02-21

Mimi - Mimi Faust - Netflix

Mimi Faust (born Oluremi Fela James; January 3, 1972 or 1976) (sources differ) is a reality television personality and businesswoman who stars on the VH1 program Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She first appeared as the long-time girlfriend of producer Stevie J.

Mimi - Early life - Netflix

Born Oluremi Fela James, she was raised with a mother active in the church of Scientology. In a sit-down special with Egypt Sherrod in 2014, Faust discussed being abandoned by her mother for the sake of the church. She stated of the church “They put me out at 13. They actually came to me and said I was a freeloader because I ate their food and slept there and I wasn't indeed working for them.” Faust did not meet her biological father until she was sixteen years old. In fact, her birth was the result of an affair; Faust grew up believing that another man was her birth father. She would go on to take her biological father's last name after developing a relationship with him. Her father later died in 2014.

Mimi - References - Netflix

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