Merlina - Netflix

Merlina is the best detective agency in the country. They fight crime and injustice, from kidnapping to theft, from drugs trafficking to protection. And on their path, they meet master criminal Sardonis over and over again.

Merlina - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 1983-01-08

Merlina - La Gusana Ciega - Netflix

La Gusana Ciega is a Mexican rock/pop/alternative band formed by Daniel Gutiérrez (voice and guitar), Germán Arroyo (drums) and Luis Ernesto Martínez “Lu” (bass).

Merlina - Discography - Netflix

Their discography includes seven LPs, one live album, one EP and a best-of collection. Merlina (1996) Superbee (1997) Correspondencia Interna (1999) lagusanaciega (2000) live Edición Limitada (2001) EP Super Especial (2005) best-of La Rueda del Diablo (2006) Jaibol (2008) Conejo en el Sombrero (2011) Monarca (2014) Borregos en la Niebla I (2017)

Merlina - References - Netflix

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