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La usurpadora is a Venezuelan telenovela created by Inés Rodena and adapted by Ana Mercedes Escámez for Radio Caracas Televisión in 1971. This was the first adaptation that made the original story of Inés Rodena. Marina Baura and Raúl Amundaray star as the main protagonists.

La usurpadora - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: None

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Yadhira Carrillo (born Yadhira Carrillo Villalobos on May 12, 1972 in Aguascalientes, México) is a former Mexican actress and former beauty queen.

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After appearing in several episodes of Mujer, casos de la vida real (Woman: Real Life Cases) portraying a villain in the TV-special Mas allá de la Usurpadora, she received her first co-starring role in El Niño que vino del mar (The Boy Who Came From The Sea). The talent and acting capacity of Carrillo drew the attention of Ernesto Alonso, prompting him to offer her the role of the antagonist in El precio de tu amor. (The Price of your Love) Mr. Telenovela offered her the role of protagonist in his 2002 novela La Otra (The Other Woman), where she played two characters who are polar opposites. These are Carlota Guillen, a good natured daughter who is abused, subjugated and manipulated by her mother, and Cordelia Portugal, a Machiavellian, treacherous, manipulative gold digger. In addition to her career in Mexico, Carrillo debuted abroad with a role in the Spanish telenovela El Secreto (The secret), in which she plays a perverse ex fiancée of the protagonist, played by Mexican actor Eduardo Capetillo. In 2004 Carrillo was the protagonist in Amarte es mi Pecado (Loving you is my sin), alongside Sergio Sendel and Alessandra Rosaldo, produced by Alonso. That same year, she played a special guest star role in Rubí, as Elena Navarro. In 2005 she starred in Barrera de Amor (Barrier of love). In 2008 retired from acting career.

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