Five Fingers - Netflix

A drama about young people who each have their own tragedies to overcome and achieve their dreams. A pianist Yoo Ji Ho has extraordinary talent. While he overcomes a tragic past and childhood scars to chase his dream, he gets caught up in a bitter rivalry with the rich successor to a corporation.

Five Fingers - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 65 minutes

Premier: 2012-08-18

Five Fingers - Five Fingers (2012 TV series) - Netflix

Five Fingers (Hangul: 다섯손가락) is a 2012 weekend series from Seoul Broadcasting System starring Ju Ji-hoon as a pianist who wreaks revenge on the family that tried to destroy his dreams.

Five Fingers - International broadcast - Netflix

The series aired in Japan on TBS beginning July 24, 2013. In Vietnam, the series aired on VTVCab7 D-Drama from July 17, 2013. In Thailand, the series aired on 3SD in a network of Channel 3 under the title ทำนองรักทำนองชีวิต (thảnxng rạk thảnxng chīwit; literally: Rhythm Love, Rhythm Life) beginning June 28, 2016.

Five Fingers - References - Netflix

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