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Contest Searchlight is a four-episode fictional comedy television series, it is a documentary-style parody or mockumentary of the HBO network's non-fictional series Project Greenlight.

Contest Searchlight starred Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke, playing slightly fictionalized versions of themselves, as TV producers holding a nationwide contest to select a new television series to produce for the Comedy Central network. When none of the proposed submissions prove acceptable, Leary and Clarke end up combining several of the finalist's proposals to produce a new, semi-improvised ensemble sitcom entitled "Jesus and the Gang." The new show ostensibly stars New York City theatre and television actor Peter Gallagher (again playing a fictionalized version of himself), but when Gallagher is hit by a car during the filming of a network promotion, the lead role is shifted to comedian Patrice O'Neal. During rehearsals for the premiere episode, the actors, crew and producers all start fighting each other (and themselves), and "Jesus and the Gang" is permanently shelved.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2002-08-14

Contest Searchlight - Reno 911! - Netflix

Reno 911! is an American comedy television series on Comedy Central that ran from 2003 to 2009. It is a mockumentary-style parody of law enforcement documentary shows, specifically Cops, with comic actors playing the police officers. Most of the material is improvised, using a broad outline with minimal scripted material. The series spawned a film, Reno 911!: Miami, featuring the same cast. Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant and Kerri Kenney-Silver all starred in and are billed as creators of the series.

Contest Searchlight - Cast history - Netflix

Thomas Lennon, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Ben Garant, Joe Lo Truglio, frequent Reno 911! director Michael Patrick Jann and many of the frequent guest stars are members of The State, a comedy troupe who had a popular sketch series which aired for three seasons on MTV in the early 1990s. Lennon and Kenney-Silver were the stars of Viva Variety, a former Comedy Central series. Their co-star, Michael Ian Black, has appeared in several Reno 911! episodes. Garant was Viva Variety's head writer and co-creator; it was a spin-off of a sketch on The State. McLendon-Covey was a member of The Groundlings theater company, located in Los Angeles. She was dismissed from Reno 911 prior to the sixth season. Alazraqui is the voice of many cartoon characters, such as: Mr. Weed from Family Guy (1999–2001); Lazlo and Clam from Camp Lazlo; Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life; Winslow and Lube from CatDog; Monroe the enchanted dog from The Life and Times of Juniper Lee; the Taco Bell Chihuahua and, Denzel Crocker from The Fairly OddParents. He was the voice of Spyro the Dragon in that series' first installment. Alazraqui is also the current voice of the Disney character Panchito, of The Three Caballeros and classic cartoon character Felix the Cat. He may have been dismissed from Reno 911 prior to season six. Nash was also the host of Clean House on the Style Network. She appeared in Cookie's Fortune, also as a cop. Yarbrough is the voice of Assistant District Attorney Tom DuBois and Col. Stinkmeaner in the cartoon version of The Boondocks and plays a prison guard in the film Meet the Fockers, and an Army sergeant in an episode of Arrested Development. He also played pimp “Chocolate Giddyup” in the movie Black Dynamite. Birdsong worked on several Comedy Central programs prior to joining the cast of Reno 911! She appeared in programs such as The Daily Show; Crossballs; Contest Searchlight; and, Lewis Black's Root of All Evil. Before joining Reno 911 as a main cast member, Birdsong made a guest appearance in season 2 as Lisa, a Caucasian woman disguised as a Japanese masseuse. She won a Theatre World Award in 2007 for her Broadway debut with Martin Short in the musical “Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me!” She may have been dismissed from Reno 911 prior to season six. Season six newcomers Joe Lo Truglio and Ian Roberts were no strangers to Reno 911! Both had appeared as guest stars in past seasons, and both also appeared in Reno 911: Miami. As a member of The State, Lo Truglio is an old friend of the three creators and has worked with them on numerous projects. Roberts is a founding member of the popular Upright Citizens Brigade improv comedy troupe, who had their own Comedy Central sketch show from 1998-2000. Other remaining members of the troupe (Matt Besser and Matt Walsh) also appeared in recurring guest roles throughout the seasons. Amy Poehler is the only member of the “UCB 4” to have never appeared on the show in any form. Throughout the show's run, all three main cast members from Stella (who were also from The State) made appearances as characters. While Michael Showalter was the exception on the TV series, he appeared in the film, along with all of the cast members of The State.

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